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Tent of Ravenspeak - A Brief History (1 of 2)

 written by Mikhail.
 A while ago we decided to build a goodly-sized Norse A frame tent.

 And we saw that it was good.
 We used AutoCad to plan the design.
 As well as CorelDRAW to consider layout and proportions.
After we built a few A-frames we even developed a spreadsheet to calculate canvas requirements and costs based on fabric size and dimensions of A-frame desired  (link to follow).
 We filled it with SCA folk.
 Some times Freehold folk.
 Household folk.
 Sometimes we raided far afield and it housed just me... and maybe a keg or two of beer.
  As we built more Viking tents for ourselves and friends, our encampments became big enough that security became an issue... So we walled it in, built a portable 10 foot "stone" archway for a main entrance, and "hired" guards for it.

Never had a problem finding people to guard so I asked what was the chief motivation was. "Well, ya see... I can rove all over the place to try and meet everyone; but If I stay right here, I get paid, I have a nice warm brazier just for me, I have immediate access to all my beer, and everyone comes through here.

 "And on MY terms!"
- Guard who shall remain nameless.

We had the guards divest weapons at the door.... Seemed to actually encourage more interest... and the lady guards developed a very interesting game of bribe the guard. Bleh, they exerted control in a socially mature and entertaining fashion.
 We had fun.
 'Til we stopped having fun.

We endured politics and pettiness for years, being told we were too big; our walls were "exclusionary"; we should give our stuff to the king, instead of enjoying it ourselves. Even while donating a lot of time, materials and energy for others in the background usually right before events, and never turning down someone trying to get ready, and we could barely stand or see straight from late nights, we just became an easy and popular target to snipe at.

  So we stopped doing the SCA.
Driven away, we were welcomed by many other societies, young and old, budding Asatru communities, stalwart Scandinavion Societies, Viking ship crews, and later pure Norse recreationalists.
 We got to be part of a Viking Ship project and see it launched on the West Coast!

 In fact leaving the SCA and its silliness may have been the best thing that happened to us.

As an independent organization, we were engaged year after year to do the Scandinavian Centre 'Viking Village' when they tired of overly SCAish demos. We were treated as honoured guests, paid, and gifted royally. It was ALWAYS a pleasure to recreate a Viking Village for these fine folk.

After raiding into their halls in the evening, making off with several bits of bling and usually at least 3 magnums of wine, we were even more in demand!

We did pub launches, ship launches, and other Scandi festivals.
One of our household even founded Reik Felag, a Scandianavion recreationalist society that took over many of these festivals once we left the Lower Mainland.

Now on the East Coast, we have found ourselves back in the SCA, in a very friendly and welcoming area. So now, we are rebuilding our encampment!

and after many years....we are rebuilding.