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Birka Pouch with intergrated knife sheath

posted Jul 29, 2018, 5:42 AM by Mikhail H-   [ updated Jul 29, 2018, 5:54 AM by Freydis Egilsdottir ]
My old rabbit fur pouch has been passed on to my daughter. It is too small for my needs and looks better on her than me. Its design is also very generic SCA.

I liked the look of more organic Birka pouches which was also more period for me. With that in mind this is what I came up with to minimize the belt real estate. At first I was very unsure of having a pouch that hangs low from a single strap. My old one had two straps and hung directly below my belt.

Instead what I now find is that this design functions better and moves with my garb as I walk, sit or run. I also find it naturally moves out of the way when sitting in backed chairs or getting in and out of vehicles.

I can now carry more with less clutter immediately attached to my waist.

Latched but not 'locked'. This is good enough for wandering about merchants row assuming no pickpockets and/or heavier activity.

Strap latch removed. Even now the weight of the flap keeps the pouch closed-ish.

Full open reveals hardened leather keeper. I have noticed that the tighter neck of the pouch opening, while allowing my hand to reach in easily, tends to keep contents from immediately bouncing out. Smart design element there of the Birka pouch.

Closed and locked.

View from above showing removal of knife.

Reworked knife out of sheath. Rebuilt this as well. I liked the look of aged copper.  Also played around with copper/brass composites.

Back of pouch showing hardened leather sheath formed to knife then stitched to pouch. If I was to do it again, I would not harden the sheath first as that make reversing the pouch a real bitch.
Also shown is Chicago rivets used before I was sure of exactly how long the hanging strap needed to be. Will replace with copper rivets when I get a minute.

Runes and decoration.

Decoration extends full length of strap.